Thursday, January 28, 2010

Newly Published Article Explaining Resonance Repatterning

For anyone interested in understanding Resonance Repatterning and how it works, the January issue of "The Energy Field" published an article I wrote about this exciting new approach to health, personal growth, and well-being. Here is the link for the entire issue with the article beginning on page 7.

For further information on other healing methods I offer, go to for an overview of each.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What a winner! Happy New Year 2010!

Despite the lukewarm, lackluster, washed out face-cloth critiques of "St." Obama's State of the Union's speech, I received it with great enthusiasm and excitement, feeling buoyed by the fact this man, this natural leader, re-collected his understanding of the realities of where this country was when he came into office, what has happened in the past tumultuous year, what needs to be addressed responsibly, and the importance of serving the American people and globe by putting the goals ahead of unproductive party differences. With a clear, honest, and disciplined tone, this president demonstrated a consistent commitment to achieving the objectives of pulling this country out of a financial, political, health, educational, military, and moral crisis! Who but a saint would step up to this collection of challenges and not lose his confidence, convictions, and determination to plow through the apparently unsurmountable complexities and powerful foes??? And, in the process of battling back the all-to-well-funded lobbyists and Republican onslaughts, he does not fail to credit his wife for organizing task forces for obese children and Veterans..."thank you, honey"! No wonder he's unbeatable, he's got that feminine force covering his back and acknowledging the man who's got the guts, brains, and heart to speak the truth and the talent to chose his words well enough to ring that bell of truth for anyone with more common sense than power-hunger to hear.

Well, forgive me for my foray into political commentary, but in the light and tangible momentum of this new year of manifestation, Obama's voice of reason and unity really got my attention; especially when our president is willing to raise the bar against all the economic theorists' who predict the decline of America in the shadow of the East and challenges the American people to define their resilience and aspire to continue to lead the globe in financial reform, green and other-wise technology, educational excellence, eventual military down-sizing, and, did everyone catch those innovative proposals to reward public service by exonerating student loans after ten years? This is truly a progressive idea that deserves spot-lighting because when has public service ever really been defined in our culture as an esteemable role? This too was addressed by Obama when he identified the justifiable dis-enchantment of the American people who have weathered the financial collapse caused by the ethically bankrupt"Masters of the Universe" on Wall Street and throughout the banking industry...atleast by speaking of and modeling integrity, he is daring to re-kindle the faith of the middle class taxpayer and idealistic youth who have watched this mixed-race, Constitutional lawyer gone politician rise above the odds and perform admirably domestically and even receive a Noble Prize internationally.

Call me naive, gullible, a dyed-in-the-wool Liberal, I don't care; I just know that for the first time in my adult life, I am witnessing a leader of my country of origin address the rank corruption and irrational logic of the dominant powers that have brought our planet to the brink of destruction and, with tentative support, plow through his term with artful allacrity that further hints of the turning of the tide of consciousness on the planet. In the face of the natural or "un-natural" disaster in Haiti, and the generous, humane response it has illicited, I continue to see tangible signs that all of the magnificent potential of the cosmic alignment occuring as we approach 2012 is just as we have hoped and will be greater than we ever thought we would witness in our lifetimes. Sec. of State Clinton just negotiated a reduction of nuclear arms with Russia, who's to say what the U.S. is doing in Yemen (does not look good), but despite the unraveling of the pre-existing structures and objectives, let us continue to remember that it is the tide within ourselves that is turning the collective wave, and through this shift in resonance will we arrive at perfect peace.

Pray on! God is Great. The Light will prevail.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Reiki I

Hello, Friends,
By the suggestion of my trusted website designer, I am posting the announcement that I am offering the initiation into Reiki I tomorrow, Saturday, January 24th, 2010. Although usually covered in Reiki Lievel III, I will also be covering Long Distance Healing for the sake of being able to direct more healing energy to Haiti. The class will be held from 11 am to approximately 3 pm considering it is a private class, and if we have more last minute registrants, it may go a little longer to allow for more discussion and learning.
Peace and Love,

Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Whole New World, The Old Real Way of Being

Hi, Friends,

As I had hoped many weeks ago, I am going to finally share about the pervasive theme of balancing masculine and feminine energies that is cropping up all around us these days. It has been a popular subject for years, whether in Asian terms such as the Yin and the Yang, or with genetic research on the X and Y chromosomes, or the study of human conditioning and gender differences, but there is a more relevant aspect that dynamically relates to each of us personally, particularly now that we understand resonance.

My understanding and appreciation of the relevance of this topic became far more clear while reading Carl Johan Calleman's The Mayan Calendar; The Transformation of Human Consciousness. This former World Health Organization doctor turned exclusively to the study of the Mayan Calendar about 14 years ago and may be the only author on the topic who really subjected himself to the discipline of understanding all of the intricacies of the calendar and has grasped the profundity of these chronologers' calculations. Beyond the mere exactitude of the calendar's calculations, Calleman recognizes that these phases or "Underworlds" (odd name for eras) revealed changes in the greater consciousness within which we and our planet are enveloped and that is what the Mayan Calendar's beauty and purpose is really all about - explaining and predicting these developments in a cosmic consciousness that is affecting our consciousness as a species on this planet.

Briefly, the slow developmental phases of human history and evolution are explained by the Mayans according to specific shifts or "winds" that blew alternately East and West from a strategic divisional line on the planet that logically defines the demarcation between the Left and Right "hemispheres" of the planet, and interestingly, correspond to more logical and creative developments according to their direction and emphasis. From the development of language and writing, publishing, currencies, and financial systems, these eras in history can be tracked and analyzed with this eye for masculine and feminine influences to where we recognize our current state.

As the book proceeds, Calleman points out the correspondence between the planet's left and right hemispheres and our brains' left and right hemispheres and their masculine and feminine
qualities and social contributions. It is no mystery that the West's (left "half" of the planet) has dominated in the most recent phase and brought us to this highly technological way of living, ripe for the feminine or more Eastern way to bring us more into balance as each of us attunes ourselves to more intuitive, spacial, and holistic approaches to life and problem solving.

The very exciting opportunity Calleman is pointing out is that we can reclaim a state of one-ness through this massive movement to re-integrate the feminine within ourselves and society. The message is even bigger than Daniel Pink's A Whole New Mind where right-brainers will help save the planet by their conceptual propensity and relational skills. That may be so, but the wave of consciousness that the Mayan Calendar identifies is one where the frequencies sloughing off the crystalline core of our planet (in sync with the galaxy's core signal) will permeate our experience on a completely fundamental level. In a recent article published on Calleman's website ( states: Since the Cosmic Convergence would be the first breeze of a unity consciousness this would imply that people would then be divinely inspired to share and recognize the unity of all creation. I believe it will be a spirituality beyond words based on the immediate experience of the divine. Hence, while the Reformation was an awakening emphasizing the written word and the New Age movement originated in esoteric ideas that were sometimes channeled or spoken, I believe that the spiritual awakening ahead will not be something that can be formulated in words and will be based on plain knowing.

According to Calleman, the Mayan's even managed to calculate the proposed "Big Bang" moment of 16 billion years ago, and tracked when humans first evolved, pointing out that their brains worked holistically and did not experience "separation" or that split between themselves and creation. No dualism. No judgements. The integration or more balanced way their brains did function and the quality of consciousness that prevailed throughout our cosmos entitled them to a natural sense of acceptance of themselves and, among other benefits, their mates did not need to fulfill their empty, severed part of themselves as we have come all too often and dysfunctionally to expect.

So the cosmic party that Barbara Hand Clow and others refer to when anticipating 2012 can literally be imagined one in which our entire galaxy is vibrating in harmony and oneness and our natural impulses will be one of sharing and generosity, compassion and co-operation and this is why those that declared in the late 70's the return of the "Goddess" were speaking both figuratively and literally. The challenge is that as these changes take place, some of the population will resist out of fear and control and the polarization we are witnessing is a playing out of these forces. It is not coincidental that violence against women is up whether domestically or in the military, in the news or in entertainment, and yet we see more women winning important political positions and recently the Dalai Lama was quoted as saying the world will be saved by women.

So let us enjoy listening to our inner voices and hearts ever more carefully, trusting our link to the Divine Feminine is safe to follow "home".

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ascension through Descension

Although recently voted as the most disliked, overused English expression, "Whatever" pretty much sums up my conclusive observations, admonitions, and profound insights I have felt compelled to share from this summer's and recent fall experiences. I last left off expecting to pontificate about intentions and how consciousness shapes matter, but with all of us so riddled with contradicting, unconscious agendas, what's the point of setting intentions! (Unless, of course, you are a Resonance Repatterning practitioner with time to repattern your resonance with negative projections or have unlimted funds and can have a practitioner on a retainer basis.)

So then it became apparent to me that the real pressing matter to be discussed (and seemed to be in the air collectively) was the theme of Yin and Yang and how this seemingly foreign description of negative and positive everything is really very relevant to each of us daily and if we only really grokked and embraced this pervasive concept, we'd remember when things were going array that it is some imbalance in the fundamental polarity of the situation that needs adjustment. When reading up on and doing the Repatterning titled: "The Marriage of Your Yin and Yang - and How to Live Happily Ever After" (by Chloe Faith Wordsworth -, I was reminded of the real juice of the principle is getting to the neutral zone beyond duality - where we transcend into bliss and unconditional love - the field of all possibilities and beyond our ever restless mind, full of desires and our idea of how to fulfill them...but even the clarity and need for discussing this all-pervasive theme gave way to the crushing power of my dark emotions in the face of aging, financial strain, over-working, and reflecting on the boobie prize I semed to be holding after a lifetime of faithful spiritual practice, earnest seeking, serving in the sense of confronting all of my addictions, character defects, fears, and limitations, all in service to the committment of "Doing God's Will", to do the ultimate service and give my life to being spirit led. Well, what the ___ ! Here I am at a ripe middle age without a pot to ___ in and no guarantees of a single lifetime goal coming to fruition and surrounded by people who appear to not only not be commited to anything, never mind world peace, spiritual enlightenment, and unconditional love, but these average folks seem to be enjoying the fruits of being "householders" - that Indian name for folks who choose a not too challenging path of home, family, and ordinary work. Unlike the artists, "Lightworkers", and other independent souls marching to inwardly directed leadings that I know right now who are all surfing the net in search of reassurance that they are not the only ones being squewered by circumstances and painful self-confrontation, these ordinary folks are driving around in nice new cars, going home to their nice homes in more rural and attractive areas (or comfortable apartments, steady income) , going to church on Sundays with their innocent children, pursuing what seem to be nice, sane lives without too much drama or stress, while those of us quietly and diligently meditating, praying and offering our lives to a Grand Scheme here are wondering if there is some redeeming ending to this lifetime of devotion and being dedicated to the saving of the planet and healing one another of our family of origin damage!

WHATEVER! Here we are, (some of us anyway, not currently in touch with our attitude of gratitude), feeling up the creek without a paddle but learning now more than ever to "Be Here Now" (or die, as you've noticed so many are are), and "Let Go and Let God" (because the moment we think we know the way, or decide there is none, Ha!), and it finally dawned on me - the wisdom of Barbara Hand Clow's astrological description of Pluto in Capricorn, squaring Uranus in Aries! In the midst of this (finally) collective desire for a better world, and this massive cleansing of our emotional wounding and healing of the ecosystem, "we will find ourselves by going into the dark, finding ecstasy by diving into the pain"...the Goddess within (our Spirit, our Yin), will remain to be our only true source of sanity and creativity. How could I have forgotten? That only be going through the feelings can we be free, no matter how wretched and hopeless, that by yielding to the gravity of the depression or fear will we be released from their hold. And then the wholeness is restored, the light can shine through, minus the personal baggage that generated the resistance and pain.

And it was only two New Year's ago that I shared with students that these upcoming years to 2012 would be ladened with vast potential - for negative or positive, all depending on where we placed our attention. That despite the media's sensationalized broadcast of a collapsing world, the truth is that a whole new world that no one can imagine is being born and the most helpful thing to do is to keep our visions centermost. With the speed with which the transformation is occuring, we will be witnessing evermore evidence of this truth, so despair not (or not for long anyway), because by surrending to the WHATEVER of the higher frequencies bursting through, we will be greatly gratified to have come for this ride!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Two principles...Resonance and Non-Locality

Hello anyone and everyone...I have been wanting to define two more important principles that may not have anything to do "with the price of tea from China" but do have to do with everything we experience and can experience or understand why we're not experiencing...and oddly and unintentionally these two related concepts will allow me to offer my interpretation as to how astrology actually works and how planetary bodies and cosmic forces REALLY affect us.

So first, I will review the definition of RESONANCE...we certainly hear people using the word "resonate" as to whether they vibe with someone or something in a negative or positive way by saying "I didn't really resonate with" so and so or the opposite but do we understand the principle to which they are referring?

Simply put, everything vibrates...everything has a frequency (the speed of that vibration) and vibrations are usually measured in terms of Hertz (from the German physicist who was known for his work with short wave radio waves, the basis for wireless communication). These vibrations are in wave forms - you have seen the wavey lines characterized by "crests" and "troughs" and the speed of those crests and troughs determine the frequency of a wave and therefore their sound or effect in their atmosphere. When two waves forms co-exist either they match (are in resonance), are entirely different (cancel each other out), or, if similar, can come into phase with one another and actually increase their power. What ever we resonate with is what shows up in our lives...physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, or, even more accurately, whatever part of the electro-magnetic spectrum that we are in phase with is what we experience, consciously or not. (If you read the previous blog entry about the definition of "Multi-Dimensional, you might begin to wonder where you want to dial your frequenciies!)

So, thanks for following that, and, if you will, bear with me while I jump to something apparently entirely unrelated but you will see, directly relates to resonance and you...

The term Non-Locality came into existence after another important physicist, David Bohm, developed and wrote about his understanding that on a fundamental subatomic level, every particle is equal and connected and therefore not seperate in space or time - all interconnected in an "unbroken web and embedded in space" (Michael Talbot, Holographic Universe, 1991 ) I understand or imagine it, the variations in frequencies are what create form...the shape of your nose is due to each particular cell's frequency (bone, blood, skin cells) adding up to the total shape of your nose and the same goes for all of your internal organs and the frequency of the metal that is holding up my chair and so forth...and in keeping with Bohm's perception that nothing is seperate, we can see we are moving in this medium of air and walking on the dense frequencies we call rock and earth and so on but it is all energy, just some alot less dense than others.

Now, to demonstrate non-locality and resonance, just think of a tuning fork in your hand (let's say made to vibrate at the note of C) and imagine another tuning fork made to the same note of C on the Moon, and when you strike your tuning fork, whether we can hear it or not, on some subtle level, that tuning fork on the Moon experiences resonance and vibrates its note of C.

Finally, to my point: As I understand astrological influences, rather than mere gravitational influences (like the Full Moon exerts on us demonstrated by the high tides and so on), I am imagining that it is through resonance with the various planets and cosmic "rays" that our sensibilities are affected...for example, if Venus (yes, each planet has its own total frequency) is "trine" (a 120 degree angle) to Jupiter, this sets up a specific combination of frequencies that we are going to resonate with one way or another, and that specific way would be entirely customized according to how our natal circumstances established that frequency with us at the moment of our birth.

The complexities are obviously innumerable, but I wanted to put forth a little more clarity about why this major alignment with the Milky Way's Center and our traversing the Photon Band are powerful, transformative influences on our Earth, society, and each of our individual lives and how choosing to envision our ideal outcome, moment by moment, month by month, year by year, helps us resonate with this enormous positive potential.

..more on intentions next week.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The meaning of "Multi-Dimensional"

When I attended a workshop years ago to be initiated into a "9 Dimensional" realm, I anticipated various altered states with entirely different laws of physics ruling, only to be mildly disappointed with what turned out to be a lengthy meditation process with various musically accompaniment that ranged from rather earthy rhythems to more refined celestial sounds. Some time later, I realized that the New Age community's use of this term "multi-dimensional" was really just referring to the electro-magnetic spectrum and that the frequencies that one tunes into determine which "dimension" one is occupying. When I referred to the "5th Dimensional" frequencies in my last post as being those of the Heart, I meant exactly that when one is elevated in consciousness to be aware of the untiy of all and experiencing the accompanying unconditional love, that is living out of the Heart and resonating in 5th Dimensional frequencies - those that are permeating our atmosphere more abundantly now that we are approaching the alignment with the center of the Milky Way. Along this spectrum, the center core (crystal) of the earth is considered to hold the first dimensional vibrations and by the time one measures the earth's surface frequencies we experience our familiar 3-D realm...continue on out into space and into the center of the Milky Way and we land in the "10th dimension" - a realm with extraordinary light, intelligence, and even some believe, the mind of our Creator in local universe terms.